“Expect the Best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”

Zig Ziglar

Loan Syndication
Clients having requirement to fund their business through effective and efficient mode of financing can seek our guidance to procure loans. We help clients diversify their source of funding based on the risk rating profile.

Preparation of Project Report
Clients can seek our guidance in preparation of Project report to be presented to rating agencies, investors and regulatory authorities in a systematic and presentable manner

Rating guidance
Clients can seek an assessment of their rating profile based on historical financial statements and projections developed on the basis of discussions with the management.

Presentation to Rating Agencies
Clients can procure our expertise in dealing with the rating agencies and discussing with them the Client’s business plans, goals and achievements to get best deserved rating.

Re-evaluation of Funding opportunities
Clients can finalise their funding options based on finance options available.

Monitoring progress pre and post funding
Clients can seek our support in monitoring conditions of disbursement and submission of progress of the project post disbursement.